Top 6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out This 2014 (Infographic) | Digital Marketing Philippines

1. Businesses Will Create More Original Content that Customers Read  
In 2013, original and quality content paved the way for better user engagement. The better the original content will be, the more viral it can become, reaching not only your existing readership or subscription base, but their networks as well.

2. Businesses Will Place Content Marketing in a Bigger Role
With a solid and clearly defined content marketing structure, the planning, creation and distribution of content will be more effective and with better tangible results.

3. Businesses Using Mobile Content Marketing Will Lead the Pack  

4. Businesses Will Use New Social Media Channels for Content Marketing  
Among the various platforms, Google+ reflected the biggest rise in usage at 55%, followed by SlideShare at 40% and Instagram at 22%.
The website remains the main repository of relevant articles about a brand, product or service, but businesses are also using other staging points to distribute content such as blogs, newsletters and of course, social media.
Most of the businesses using social media for distributing content will be using at least six social media platforms on the average.

5. Businesses with Brick-and-Mortar Establishments Will Get Better ROI with Location-Based Content Marketing  

6. Businesses Will Make Use of More Visual Content in Marketing  
Visual content is projected to create more impact in engaging customers.

Top 6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out This 2014 (Infographic) | Digital Marketing Philippines.


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