Innovation: The French Way | Fleur Pellerin

Innovation comes from exchanging ideas. Entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and local business bodies are the fertile soil from which high-growth innovative firms will sprout. Promoting their unfettered growth is the underlying goal of the cluster reform programme that we have launched. We are proud to welcome in France the first Europe-based Stanford Ignite program, which will start this September, in partnership with École Polytechnique.

Innovation is also about the circulation of talent, about the “new Argonauts” who, by freely crossing borders, help to boost the fastest growing regions of the global innovation economy as so eloquently described by Berkeley’s Annalee Saxenian.

I have visited many places, from the Silicon Valley to Boston, from Israel to South Korea, to meet the innovation actors at work. By means of programmes such as “Say oui to France, say oui to innovation” and the “Digital Neighbourhoods” project, I want to give France the innovative appeal that our entrepreneurs so richly deserve!

Businessmen interested in coming to France would find out that we rank fourth among mature markets concerning business costs, 3.9% lower than the US baseline. They would be surprised to learn that total labor costs in France (salary, employer-paid statutory plans and other contributions) are lower than in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands and Japan. Transportation and utility costs are the lowest among mature markets. For digital operations and R&D, France has the lowest effective corporate income tax rates among mature economies.

fullpost of Fleur Pellerin Innovation: The French Way | LinkedIn.


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