« A vous, qui voulez réussir votre carrière… », Actualités

Aux Etats-Unis, les discours de remise de diplôme universitaire font un tabac sur Internet. PDG et politiciens y distillent les secrets de leur réussite. Morceaux choisis. La tradition des « commencement speeches » est ancienne : Harvard la renouvelle chaque année depuis 1831. Souvent drôles, parfois très personnels, certains discours ont été élevés au rang […]

Innovation: The French Way | Fleur Pellerin

Innovation comes from exchanging ideas. Entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and local business bodies are the fertile soil from which high-growth innovative firms will sprout. Promoting their unfettered growth is the underlying goal of the cluster reform programme that we have launched. We are proud to welcome in France the first Europe-based Stanford Ignite program, which will […]

Need a Job? Invent It – NYTimes.com

  <nyt_text> WHEN Tony Wagner, the Harvard education specialist, describes his job today, he says he’s “a translator between two hostile tribes” — the education world and the business world, the people who teach our kids and the people who give them jobs. Wagner’s argument in his book “Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People […]