“Be that change…”

As we travel our way through the crisis, we often hear about the “necessary reforms”, generic terminology for the solutions that could save us. Although there is a common agreement that we need those “necessary reforms”, hardly anyone seems to agree on what exactly they should be and especially what impact they would generate.

Probably because those “necessary reforms” cannot do more than what they say: changing the form of things, a facelift of our capitalist system. That could cover up some of the issues and keep the system running for some times, but that cannot do the fundamental reset that would bring the appropriate level of changes.

Changes in the forms of things need to be the consequences of profound essential changes. “Be that change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi expressed, and proved by his actions, how much genuine inner revolution could impact on the external environment. No “necessary reforms”, not even “structural reforms”, could have brought the scale of social changes needed at his time.

The good news is that, quietly, the genuine reaction has started. It may be hard to spot but beyond the ethical initiatives (CSR, SRI, stakeholder theory, social entrepreneurship, shared value…), the collective practices they should promote can make change happen. They provide time to listen, think and explain; space to collaborate, share and innovate; to rebuild a brand new world.

Putting back humanity at the heart of the system, at its origin and at its end, at Quale, we feed collective actions with the teachings from traditions. Getting back to the essence of concepts, understanding where diverse energies are coming from, we can contribute to making quality change happen and define the qualities of a new era. « Prius aliquid debet esse, deinde quale esse ».



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